About me,
I discovered Yoga in 1997, when the stress started to affect my wellness. I had the luck of start with a master that touched my soul, he arrived when I was ready, and taught me Hatha, Nidra, Astral trips…  Afterwards, I moved to another city and stopped my classes. From then I practiced Yoga sporadically throughout my life.
My professional career, on theother hand, was very successful! I was a business woman, I used to travel on business, everything was perfect, except that I used to waste a lot of money in therapies in order to maintain my castle of dreams!  Then I realized that no one therapy in the world could save me, but me. I wasn’t happy, I didn’t like how I was. I didn’t want to be that person anymore.  And I started practicing Yoga on my own again, at home. Every time more and more, until I started to heal myself from inside.

In 2011 I decided to go deep and started to get trained with my master; Swami Viran, and started my studies in Viranananda Yoga Ashram

When I finished my 2 years Teacher training, I traveled to India to get my  200HRS YTT in Ashatanga Vinyasa Yoga with  Wolrld Peace Yoga School, in Rishikesh , and I returned in 2015 to get my specialization in Yoga therapy with dr. Omanand, in Paramanand Yoga Institute completing my 500HRS YTT. I am certified Yoga Nidra instructor by Yoga Vida school in Barcelona.​ Certified Health and Wellness coach, expert in nutrition certified by Montse Bradford​, between others, ​and also Fitness and Health expert.​

Named Sw. Shanti Ananda Devi Giri by Sw. Viranananda in January 2020, receiving at this time all the teachings of my Master, with the responsibility of spreading them, continuing them and making them reach the world for the benefit of all …

I continue in a path with no return, very enthusiastic and focused in sharing and teaching this way and philosophy of life.