About me,
I discovered Yoga in 1997, when the stress started to affect my wellness. I had the luck of start with a master that touched my soul, he arrived when I was ready, and taught me Hatha, Nidra, Astral trips…  Afterwards, I moved to another city and stopped my classes. From then I practiced Yoga sporadically throughout my life.
My professional career, on theother hand, was very successful! I was a business woman, I used to travel on business, everything was perfect, except that I used to waste a lot of money in therapies in order to maintain my castle of dreams!  Then I realized that no one therapy in the world could save me, but me. I wasn’t happy, I didn’t like how I was. I didn’t want to be that person anymore.  And I started practicing Yoga on my own again, at home. Every time more and more, until I started to heal myself from inside.

In 2011 I decided to go deep and started to get trained with my master; Swami Viran, and started my studies in Viranananda Yoga Ashram

When I finished my 2 years Teacher training, I traveled to India to get my  200HRS YTT in Ashatanga Vinyasa Yoga with  Wolrld Peace Yoga School, in Rishikesh , and I returned in 2015 to get my specialization in Yoga therapy with dr. Omanand, in Paramanand Yoga Institute completing my 500HRS YTT. I am certified Yoga Nidra instructor by Yoga Vida school in Barcelona.​ Certified Health and Wellness coach, expert in nutrition certified by Montse Bradford​, between others, ​and also Fitness and Health expert.​

I continue in a path with no return, very enthusiastic and focused in sharing and teaching this way and philosophy of life.