About me,

I came across Yoga in 1997, when stress began to affect my well-being. I was lucky to find a teacher who touched my soul, who arrived when he had to arrive; he taught me Hatha and Nidra, to do astral trips… Then I changed cities and stopped attending classes. I did Yoga intermittently for many years.

My professional life in a very different field was going from strength to strength! I worked in very creative fields, I travelled continuously, I was doing very well! Or rather, that’s how it seemed in everyone else’s eyes! To survive my professional success, I spent a fortune on therapies of all kinds to maintain my sandcastle… until I began to realize that no therapy, no treatment that came from outside was going to help me. I wasn’t happy, and I didn’t like the way it was.

 I didn’t want to be that person.

So I began to practice my asanas at home, with more and more enthusiasm and with more discipline I began to heal from within.

In 2011 I decided to go deeper and began to train. I interviewed different teachers and schools. I wanted a Master, and that he was as faithful as possible to the origin of Yoga and so I met Swami Viran, and decided to train in his Ashram; Viranananda Yoga Ashram

After three years of training with my teacher in Girona, I travelled to India to do my training; in Ashtanga (200 hrs YTT at World Peace Yoga School, in Rishikesh , and in 2015 I returned to specialize in therapeutic Yoga with Guru Omanand, at Paramanand Yoga Institute
thus completing my 500HRS YTT.

I am a qualified coach in Health and Wellbeing, in Nutrition, and Nutrition for Sports.

I have studied Energy Nutrition with Montse Bradford, although my main training on a nutritional level dates back to the 90s, when I was beginning to experiment with fasting, the disassociated diet and other fads of the time. My interest in nutrition is nothing new, it has been a lifelong journey; Vegetarian, Macrobiotic Cuisine, talks, workshops, and above all your own experience!

I live a path that, in addition to having no return, has no end …
I consider myself a companion for people who want to direct their lives in the same direction, with the same tools that I have learned and that I enjoy sharing for my own good and that of all beings …