“Created to Create”

Accompaniment is what I like to call our sessions of what is commonly known as coaching. My specialization is in Health and Wellbeing. What I do is accompany people to new territories that they want to explore!

Through the tools you see on my page, private conversations and personal development work we are redesigning worlds, stories and lives!

“Logic does not lead to success: Creativity does!”

We open a creative space, facilitating a process of change to achieve your health and well-being goals. We will go beyond the paradigms of “normal” and let those who speak based on their limits call us crazy!

We can define it as a set of techniques and processes that help us improve what we already know how to do, and that we have blocked, or we cannot remove by ourselves.

The current concept of health goes beyond the absence of disease and considers aspects such as the general state of people, their mental health, their attitude towards life, their optimism and security. The concept of health is not only the body, but also deals with leisure and free time. A healthy person is a happy person because his body allows him to feed his mind and spirit.

“We want to teach our children how we create success based on our commitment to the ethics and morals that we really want for ourselves”

 We use personal interviews to deepen the interpersonal communication, behaviour, leadership skills and decision-making processes of each person. All this through a private dialogue based on trust and confidentiality.

The interviews are carried out by e-mail, telephone conversations, teleconference chat or face-to-face. The frequency, times and place of said interviews are agreed between you and I.

It is important that as a client you are willing to see things with new eyes, from another perspective.

“It is outside the comfort zone that things change”

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