Ringana came to show me another way of working, to give me the opportunity to champion a model company in terms of avant-garde and sustainability, adhering to ethics and coherence that are completely aligned with me …

RINGANA COHERENTLY pursues a clear line: FRESH. EFFECTIVENESS. And of course, we act with ETHICS. Ethics means for us that we not only protect the environment but also our immediate surroundings. For this reason, we not only save resources and are sustainable, but we also behave fairly in front of all our business partners, from the purchase of raw materials to distribution. The result: pure and effective fresh cosmetics that can be used with a clear conscience.


Through our personal care, we add, improve, put coherence and purpose to our daily habits, turning them into rituals, into meditation.

I always remember that time when my lifestyle changed: I stopped working in fashion to dedicate myself to wellness. So this was a major change in my economy for a few years.

I had to go from the cosmetics that I used to other more affordable brands, taking into account that they were natural, etc. I tried many things that did not work for me, I came to believe that natural cosmetics were not effective and that it was utopia! –Until in 2016 Ringana came to my hands. There was a before and an after. As always, experience is our best teacher.

Ringana cosmetics gives me all the comfort, protection and hydration that I am looking for.


In a world in which we know that we will need more and more supplementation, it is necessary that it be natural and of high quality. Ringana makes it easy for us: Caps for every need! You don’t have to break your head, they have already formulated the perfect mix for your supplementation to work!


Do you do sports and want to make sure you are well prepared on a nutritional level?

The SPORT line offers us everything we need due to the high quality and bioavailability of its ingredients.

Great athletes exclusively use these products as they greatly improve performance during physical exercise and muscle regeneration.

Do you want me to help you choose? I can advise you on what you need, in fact Ringana is not sold in stores, Ringana is recommended. So those of us who recommend it are the main fans and connoisseurs of the products and the brand!

Here is my link to the web, you can sign up and start your “green” movement now.