Swami Viran, descendent of the lineage of Swami Hariharananda and Swami Janardhan, centenary Master of the  Kriya Yoga (Uttarkashi, Himalayas), he was initiated on the Kriya Yoga in 1975, by Swami Gushananda, (theolog, anthropolog and psicolog, who worked together with Swami Janardhan and other masters in India and Japan. Founder of the Gushananda Yoga Ashram, the Yoga International Institute, and the Universidad Catalana de Yoga).
The same year, Swami Viran started teaching  Hatha and Raja Yoga in the Yoga International Institute (Barcelona). He lived in the Ashram with the master until 1989. He was named Swami in 1981. He lives and teaches with respect and fidelity to the knowledge received by his master and he offers Yoga as a science and a philosophy of live witch include all aspects of the human and gives tools to improve physical, mental and spiritual. His teachings are based on the Kriya Yoga and Patanjali. (“All Yoga”).

Dr. Omanand, Guruji, is one of the most representative disciples of HH Yugpurush Mahmandleswar Swami Shree Paramanand Girija Maharaj.
Born in  Kanpur, India, in a family of medium class, inspired by his grand mother; Maya Devi, who lived 105 years, as well as inspired by his mother; Shanti Devi, great Bhakti who left her body the day of the Vishnu anniversary.
He did his doctorate over the Patanjali sutras: a way of healing.
Karma Yogi  with more than 16 published books, speaks 6 languages, master of Chidshankti Prakriya yoga Therapy, professor of Yoga Therapy, Meditation, coaching, Yoga P
psicoterapy. He has written dozens of articles for publications related to Yoga. He was president of the Hindu University of America (Florida) and actually, he leads the Paramanand Yoga instute.

Yogi Pandit Vishnu P. was born when his grand father asked his mother to have a baby who would be an spiritual master. She prayed for months until the miracle happened.
Since his childhood his grand father taugh him to meditate, pray and waste time in mundal affairs. Vishnu served since a very young age helping in the Radhe Krishna temple in Orisa, witch was build by his grandfather. It was here where he could share his childhood with masters and sadhus.
When he was 15 he was already member of the Muni Samaj school of meditation and Yoga, when 18 he was studying Vedanta with Keshari Swami Niranjanji, known as Lion of Vedanta. When 20 he had his bachelor in arts in the University of Jyoti Vihar and used to spend the days chanting and praying as a bhankti yogui. Actually he owns the World Peace Yoga School in Rishikesh as well as the Seva Samadhi Trust, a school for children with more than 470 kids.