The energy as the thermometer of how I am doing it!

The fundamental concept on which any HOLISTIC concept is based is bio individuality: each one of us is unique and unrepeatable. There are no fundamental and generalized theories about what works for everyone, but rather integrates all the different theories and seeks that each one, through a process of introspection and self-experimentation, one can realize what it is that makes them feel good within your particular body.

Therefore, we will be talking about integrating in a unique way and feeding ourselves with different concepts that synergistically support us to feel good, integrating the physical, the emotional and the spiritual.

The main function of food is to provide us with the energy we need on a daily basis to carry out all daily activities, especially so that our energy throughout the day is stable.

Based on the basic principle that all living beings are energy, we are going to optimize this approach to its maximum by looking for foods that have the highest possible energy load.

How I get up, how I feel, the energy of the food and the type of cooking. How to use them to feel better!