The connection with the body.

Yoga is union.
Through the techniques of Yoga we recover the union of our being in all its aspects.
What is living in disunity?
Living in disunity is saying one thing and doing another. Feel one thing and say another. Disunity is not listening to your body, to its calls for attention, until it becomes ill. Disunity is wanting to move your arm to the right and move it with your eyes closed to the left …

We have a body, a mind, a spirit … and if they are not synchronized, our existence loses its meaning …

Through yoga techniques we learn to relax, listen to ourselves, love ourselves and love others. Through meditation, we begin to let out our inner voice. Through breathing techniques to detoxify our body and mind. Through the asanas (postures) to connect with our body and unblock it. We detoxify our mind and body, making them flexible, agile and healthy.

Yoga, beyond being a physical activity, changes our mind and this change in vibration in our mind, makes our perception of the environment change and with it our whole life.

To heal, we not only have medicines, exercise, etc. Healing goes through a change in lifestyle and habits. The position to sleep, to sit, to eat, our way of walking and breathing 24 hours a day are a determining part of our health.

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